THE MANUFACTURE OF MULTILAYER TELEFORMULA BOTTOMS The advantages of layered heads before a single layer of the same benefits of all multilayer structures. The value of the bottoms is reduced by the use of more simple equipment. The reliability and safety of multilayer bottoms for vessels above for two reasons: they are made of thin steel sheet with a high and stable mechanical properties; multi-layered bottom contributes to the localization of cracks and other defects in a single layer. Expanded manufacturing capabilities, as in the absence of the required grade sheet can be replaced by another. You receive the possibility of making the bottom layers of the different steels and thus saving costly steel. Layered bottoms can be made in two ways: 1. The consistent punching of the layers in a hydraulic press; 2. Consecutive run-in layers on obratnoi car. When comparing these methods, it should be noted that for the production of multilayer bottoms of the stamping you need to make a set of replacement snap, while when running the bottom molded using existing equipment.