Apricots for the winter to cook How to make homemade marmalade How to make homemade marmalade If you love sweets, but for some reason don't indulge in them, then marmalade may be your solution to all problems. In fact, this is the only sweetness that is not reflected in our waistline. But marmalade marmalade strife and we will not consider it in-store option. The safe thing treat can only be done at home and using only natural ingredients. Below make homemade marmalade we need a workpiece and for this it is best to not use gelatin or agar-agar, and the natural pectin that is contained directly in the berries or fruit. In addition to the piece, which you can prepare for the future, then we can take any... Apricot jam recipe ... Apricot jam recipe, apricot jam preparation for winter on the website Cooking ... Harvesting of apricots for the winter ... Prepare delicious preparations for the winter of apricots — jam, apricots, compote, jam and ... APRICOTS FOR WINTER - PICKLES ... APRICOTS FOR THE WINTER. ... Prepare the syrup, add apricot pulp and cook until ... Need a recipe for "Apricots for the winter" Want to roll apricot. But so that you could make a tart or something like that.. .