How to make a carved candle at home How to make a carved candle at home Creating a carved candle is quite time-consuming process and requires considerable skill. To make a really beautiful carved candle, you will need to possess good artistic taste and the ability to feel the wax and be able to do complicated cutting of different tools. But the result is worth it - carved candle handmade will take a worthy place environment most exquisite collectable candles! Maybe learning how to do them, you will want to open your The entire process of creating carved candles can be divided into 5 big stages. Some of them can be performed slowly, others require haste, as it cools the wax will not wait and will harden before you have time to complete production of carved candles. Steps: 1) creating a preform (core) future carved candles. Typically, the workpiece is made of pure wax / paraffin in the form of a star ( 5 pointed/ 6 finite) height of about 30 cm But it all depends on what you want in the end; 2) Prepare a deep enough bath of molten wax of different colors.