Turner measures the workpiece with a micrometer Lathe machining is a mechanical machining of external and internal surfaces of rotation, including a cylindrical and conical, stippling, cutting, chamfering processing fillets, slotting, cutting internal and external threads on lathes. Turning is one of the oldest technical operations which have been mechanized using a primitive lathe. The rotational motion of the workpiece is called the main cutting motion and the translational motion of the cutting tool feeding movement. There are also ancillary movements that are not directly related to the cutting process, but provide transportation and fixing of the workpiece on the machine, switching it on and changing the frequency of rotation of the workpiece or the speed of the translational movement of the tool etc. Turning, the most common method of manufacturing of details of type of bodies of revolution (shafts, discs, axes, fingers, pins, flanges, rings, bushings, nuts, couplings, etc.) on lathes.