Rocket stove with their own hands. How to make, instruction, photo Many varieties of furnaces there is not go through. That and the usual stove and oven out of brick and tandoor and here's another variation – the rocket stove. Just say that the name is not scientific design, and more popular. The thing is that this pizza oven is something like a missile, but rather a tube through which straight-out flames like a rocket jet engine. In fact, in this design solution, when the heat is taken from the draft tube there is a reasonable solution. Because the heat in simple furnaces often flies into the sky, that is going nowhere, which is typical for sauna stoves, stoves, stoves, when the furnace is not used wells. In this case, that is, in the rocket stoves, the place for heating is located directly over the pipe. In the end, the hot gases are washed by their flow place of heat, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of the stove. After we dealt with the design, we proceed to a particular example of fabrication of a rocket stove with their own hands.